Fantastic Faculty, Accolades Included

JESSICA SIMES, assistant professor of sociology, RENATO MANCUSO, assistant professor of computer science, HADI NIA and MICHAEL ECONOMO, both assistant professors of biomedical engineering, and ALYSSA PEARSON, assistant professor of mechanical engineering, have received prestigious Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) Awards from the National Science Foundation to advance scientific research in their areas of study, which range from mass incarceration to the brain-body connection to robot decision-making.

It’s been a big year for MARK GRINSTAFF. The William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor received the 2023 American Chemical Society award in applied polymer science and the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2023 Centenary Prize for his research using innovative polymer platforms for new drug delivery systems and medical applications.

William Fairfield Warren Distinguished Professor CHRISTOPHER CHEN was named a National Academy of Inventors fellow in recognition of his “outstanding contributions to innovation.” Chen, founding director of the Biological Design Center, has more than 300 cited papers and 31 patents—so far.

CARL STREED, assistant professor of medicine, received the 2023 Excellence in LGBTQ Health Award from the American Medical Association for his work as a physician and researcher to improve healthcare and well-being for LGBTQIA+ individuals at Boston Medical Center’s GenderCare Center.

Professors MARY COLLINS and RENÉE SPENCER were named two of the Top 100 Global Contributors to Social Work Journal Scholarship by Sage Journals, based on their scholarly impact throughout the scientific community.