Translating Ideas into Impact

Education innovator HANK FIEN has developed an AI-enhanced software that provides gamified lessons that adapt as students play, reinforcing skills in areas they need to improve most, while identifying for teachers opportunities for customized instruction.

Biomaterial researcher YUWEI FAN is one step closer to solving the problem of tooth enamel decay. Using a new process and working with lifelike enamel material, Fan may have hit on a way to restore the surface of teeth damaged by bacteria, trauma, or everyday wear.

Neuromotor researcher LOUIS AWAD is using AI-based technology to help stroke victims recover their walking ability. The device he developed is worn on a user’s calf and stimulates muscles to generate nerve impulses in the brain. The reestablished mind-muscle connection will, hopefully, speed up stroke victims’ recovery.

Computational biologist IGNATY LESHCHINER is helping patients and their providers track cancer in real time. Rather than relying on expensive imaging techniques, Leshchiner is developing a blood test that can detect cancer activity almost immediately. Next up: creating a prototype and testing in clinical trials.